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Bulshoekfarm - Meat Market

Bulshoekfarm Meat Market is proud member of 3rd generation Piggery, farmed by Thys & David-Thys Louw. Die Vlei Piggery started by Oupa David and has carried on through the generations and is now bigger than it was with room to grow.


The pigs are fed scientifically designed feed with no extra hormones added. This causes natural growth helping to build strong immune systems and healthy pigs for good quality meat.


With the constant monitoring of feed and normal growth we have managed to produce A grade pork which has low fat content and is soft and tender.


Bulshoekfarm Meat Market was originally started for the local Clanwilliam market and surrounds but has now grown to be a firm favourite among everybody who has come to hear from us. We use young porkers that have a low fat content. Unlike most red meat which has a more marble fat content, pork has a layer of fat. Thus making it easy to keep low as well as easy removing it from your favourite cut of pork.


We have all cuts available in our butchery and sell whole/half pork and can pack it to your specifications. All meat bought is pre packed and frozen for travelling convenience. You are welcome to collect fresh as well.


Order per Kg or per item. Find our price list and contact us at anytime to purchase. We also offer spit pigs and can also do a spit for you. Contact us for a quote.


Download pricelist


No extra hormones added


Laré & David Thys Louw  •  Tel: 082 533 3995  •  info@bulshoekfarm.co.za

Bulshoekfarm is situated on the N7, just 23km outside of the picturesque town of Clanwilliam

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